Team #endalldv

Team Endalldv is about you.

We can provide you access to our empowerment program, fundraising materials and volunteer support network, to equip and educate you on how you can improve services in your community.

Endalldv is a community based campaign produced to connect you, the volunteer, with fundraising opportunities to improve resources in the support of victims of domestic and family violence in your neighbourhood.

As a volunteer with Team Endalldv you will also help raise awareness of the issues associated with domestic violence that impact on the lives of all Australians.

With your help we can provide services and support for all victims of domestic violence regardless of their age, gender or sexuality.

Our Brand

The black and white ribbon along with the #endalldv hashtag are our brand.

Together they represent our commitment to deliver services and support for all victims of domestic and family violence regardless of age, religion, race, sexuality or gender.

It also represents our desire to support perpetrators, as we work to change behaviour through education and support.

What now?

Support and promote the Endalldv campaign by wearing your #endalldv T-shirt.

Talk to people in your community about what services and support are currently available and what might be required.

Here are a few proactive things you can do to change the system for all victims.

  • Reach out to people in your community that may be victims of domestic or family violence.
  • Know what the definitions of domestic and family violence are in your state or territory.
  • Connect those that may be committing domestic violence with our education programs.
  • Join our social media pages on Instagram Twitter and Facebook, like and share the work we do.
  • Take part in or organise a our local event for Endalldv Day 22nd November
  • Start an Endalldv volunteer team in your community.
  • Support our work by donating via our website and help raise funds by purchasing products from our online store.

Ready to volunteer?

We want to help you raise awareness and provide education and crisis support services in your community.

We are now seeking volunteers across Australia. If you would like to volunteer in court support or with crisis accommodation please email