Ending The Cycle

At Endalldv, we see our role as one that supports the work of State and Federal governments, along with existing stake holders, to provide additional community support and crisis accommodation options. We are focused on delivering advice and support to those members of society that fall through the gaps of existing domestic violence programs.

Our goal is to change the conversation around who can be a victim of domestic violence by ensuring all victims are provided with access to services and support. Our job is to end the cycle of violence in Australian homes and communities. To achieve this, we need every Australian to support our call to end all domestic violence and put our words into action.

The #endalldv campaign, and the black and white ribbon we wear, is a reminder that all victims of family and domestic violence deserve to be treated with respect and be provided with support when seeking access to services.

Why Endalldv?

The national conversation regarding domestic violence revolves around these questions…

  • Who can be a victim of violence and abuse
  • What services and support are available
  • Who is able to access these services in times of crisis

The team at Endalldv know that anyone can find themselves dealing with, or experiencing, domestic violence in their lives from a partner, spouse, family member or carer.

Acknowledging domestic violence does not discriminate,and that anyone can be a victim regardless of their age, gender or sexuality is critical if we want to end the cycle of family and domestic violence in our society.

Change Starts By Supporting All Victims

We believe that providing non gendered crisis accommodation, legal support and access to local community support services, are all positive steps that will end the cycle of violence in our society.

Our focus is to not only provide victims with services and support but also to connect with perpetrators and provide behavioral change programs.

We know perpetrators of both genders require access to support services which are often over booked or not available. We believe helping the individual to deal with their issues combined with a comprehensive re-education program will help end the cycle of violence in our society.

Funds raised from our campaigns will provide the following services and connections:

  • Counselling
  • Legal Advice/Representation
  • Accommodation Services
  • Financial Support
  • Employment Opportunities

All Australians regardless of age, gender, sexuality, race or religion deserve access to services and support in their communities.

Together we can #endalldv




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