Endalldv Day

Endalldv Day 22nd of November





November 22 will now be known as Endalldv Day. Chairman of Endalldv, Claudio Meireles announced the campaign as the domestic violence campaign that had to happen and looks forward to not only raising awareness but delivering services that will end the cycle of domestic violence in homes across Australia.

“Finally Australia has a domestic violence campaign that recognises all victims of domestic violence, regardless of their age, gender or sexuality, with a focus on delivering access to services and support,” Mr Meireles said.

“We are looking forward to engaging in community awareness and fundraising activities, on the days leading up to the 22nd of November where individuals and businesses can run their own events with the support of our branding and merchandise.”

Endalldv has been delivering services and support for more than 3 years and understands the importance of supporting victims and educating perpetrators. The charity currently operates in QLD, NSW, SA and Tasmania but with using November 22 as a national awareness day, will take their work to all Australians. A huge focus is understanding what Domestic Violence is, who can be a victim, what are the elements of a healthy relationship, whilst encouraging Australians not to be bystanders and report domestic violence when they see it.

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