Crisis Accommodation

Crisis Accommodation For Every Victim


Director of End All Domestic Violence, Sharon Fowler, talks about the reasons why the crisis accommodation program first began.

“The idea to provide crisis accommodation came about after talking to a number of people during my work as a volunteer at a local Magistrates Court.”

“People were telling me time and time again, that after experiencing violence in their relationships, and finally finding the courage to reach out for support, they had discovered limited availability of overnight crisis accommodation.”

“On hearing this I contacted a number of local services providers as well as State and Federal government departments who confirmed that there were only limited options available in most cities and regional areas.”

“The reality is, that many victims of family and domestic violence are being turned away by service providers because their age, sexuality or gender didn’t meet the criteria the service provider was funded to deliver. The result of which left many people at risk and potentially homeless.”

“The objective for us was to develop a low cost solution that easily connected to existing domestic violence service provider networks within any community. The accommodation needed to be gender neutral, 3 Star or higher, be mobile and cost effective to service, maintain and operate anywhere around the country. Four months later here we are, with the first of six units ready to be made available to families dealing with domestic violence in their lives.”

“I am so proud to be involved and working with this program.”

Team #endalldv is seeking to partner with service providers, across Australia, who would like to make use of our low cost, gender neutral, crisis accommodation in their communities. Please contact us.



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